Novae Militiae – Topheth

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Novae Militiae cast their flicker of black shining shades over a monolith of condensed Black Metal fury. As malignant textures hit the wall of denial thoughts made into a stone altar of the blackest marble, the sounds that unleash colours and smell of the brimstone reflect their anger, lust and hate.

Just as you feel when you look inside the eruption of a volcano and cross from shore to shore fearful that lava throws fire on your flesh, the songs from this Topheth lit up a holocaust and engulf you in to stay and pray in wonder. Maybe you have crossed this river of Acheron many times led by Charon that was playing Marduk, Antaeus, Black Flame, Altar of Perversion and other hideous forms of sadistic brutal metal on the tape-recorder he carries onto his cavernous boat. The bloody tread left by the passage will attract monstrous minds in search for demonic spiritual food. Since the body of Black Metal is not at auction you will have it fully.

The bitter hug of their musical expression will punctually erode the hearing and pour into mind without flinching the venom and exhilarating balm of devilish adulation. There are no arguments whatsoever you just witness and wait.

The French group releases their three-sided full-length LP, Topheth, on earth through the label Sentient Ruin and beyond through and for “Him”.

Novae MilitiaeTopheth

Goathorned Productions, GOAT035; Sentient Ruin Laboratories, SRUIN128

CD/LP/Digital 2021

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