Hemlock Smith & Les Poissons Autistes – The Necrophone Sessions

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Sometimes nothing warns us against the discovery of another well hidden gem of musical artistry. When we do – without having prior knowledge about the musicians – we try to grasp as much as possible at such revelation and to disclose further information related to the composer.

In this case, this collaboration sprung out from Swiss realms and The Necrophone Sessions is their second album put out by Roman Numeral Records. Hemlock Smith is a dark-folk voice with a beautiful timbre similar to Blixa Bargeld or Asgeir Hatlen (Manes) and Les Poissons Autistes are an experimental atmospheric group whose tendencies in approaching ambient and drone reminds me of softer parts of Elend or Oiseaux-Tempête. That being said, The Necrophone Sessions is a special record displaying a genuine authenticity and a complete mastery of the melody.

It is incredible how they build up on a single album songs that appeal to diverse tastes and in the same time they keep an internal coherence and common vibe for the disc. The general tonality stays elegiac and luxurious by minimal touches of the exact notes and voices. A certain pride and seriousness accompanies these melodies that sound like odes to the intellect of man against oppression and limitation to liberty. There is an obvious simplicity in execution and narration that summons up the glacial wind of mountain thinking. A necrophonic session to remember.

Hemlock Smith & Les Poissons Autistes The Necrophone Sessions

Roman Numeral Records

CD/LP/Digital 2021

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