Anarkhon ‎– Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Anarkhon handles Death Metal with clean lines and a well-balanced compositional force. If you are no longer particularly impressed by the old type classic style of Incantation or Sinister, this Brazilian horde succeeds in flavouring the ancient formula with modern evil decadence. Amazing modulations of primary elements from MORBID ANGEL cherished records announce the presence of a tangible brutal band that is here to stay and haunt us.

Every song on Phantasmagorical personification of the Death Temple builds a tension throbbing with an almost religious vibe and a strong lyrical component that gives the impression you read an incantatory poem full of grace and rhythm. In creating such a musical feast by using the aesthetics of Death Metal, Anarkhon re-joins somehow a select group of maniac hordes most notably for their elegant and excruciatingly detailed take on the style. Ultimately we are provided with a notable disc in the scene, it appears at Debemur Morti this March.

Anarkhon ‎– Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple

Debemur Morti, DMP0201

CD/LP/Digital 2021

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