Aara – Triade 1: Eos

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

With a dazzling speech of electrifying witchery Black Metal, Aara rekindles a tradition long lost for the genre, the romantic orgy of grandiloquent and operatic music with deep roots in literature, folk-legends or figurative art. The Wagnerian attribute sticks perfectly to their songs; they carry the story of Melmoth the wanderer, gothic novel from the XIX-th century.

Aara was born 3 years ago in Switzerland. The members have released 2 albums so far and this is their most ambitious project, Triade 1: Eos will be the first part in a trilogy produced by the Debemur Morti label.

Knitted on a flamboyant tapestry of melodies, this album will surely conquer many hearts that still resonate to a type of extreme metal forged at the crossroad of several arts. As you listen to this music, imagination writhes to the point of exhaustion, absorbs these notes that help to bring out memories of childhood novels, poems, paintings that would reframe what Aara builds around their music. The fecund style seems to be based upon a fascination about intricate and elaborate imagery. The medieval architecture invites to digressions inspired by the nocturnal regime, abandoned places, the ruins where shadows take disturbing shapes. Such is this album which gives thick sensations going from grave feelings to genuine exaltation, rendering what critics said to be sublime, the criteria for the gothic artistic style. Pervaded by fog and crimson lights, the music projects a massive emotional intensity sustained by solid singing which underlines the narrative setting inspired by the aforementioned novel. While exposing facets of a Black Metal we all have indulged in many moors ago, like a tide from early Hecate Enthroned washing away the new wave of Cascadian Metal,  Triade 1: Eos will leave on the listener a fever of eagerness akin to possession.

AaraTriade 1: Eos

Debemur Morti, DMP0199

CD/LP/Digital 2021

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