Phragments – Anthems Of Solitude

[Reviewed by stark]

Oh, it’s basically a little bit a longer format of an EP. Maybe it’s even better: I know, in the past I was complaining about the albums that last less than an hour, but times are changing, I am changing, the number of external stimuli is changing. This is also the reason why there are less reviews in the magazine than a few years ago – I simply have problems finding enough time and opportunities to focus entirely on such long pieces of music. Therefore such a condensed form like “Anthems Of Solitude” fits me very well.

Matej Gyarfas, the Phragments mastermind has this specific ability which is not common in the dark ambient miniverse. This is the ability to say “no” or “enough” to yourself. This is reflected not only in the length of the album, but in the structures of the compositions themselves. He searches for the essence of drone and when he finds it, he just polishes it up to the full glamour of desolation. It’s like he feels that by adding another tracks or ornamentations the track would lose its inner spirit and the core of the composition would dissolve.

So the tracks are condensed and focused, you have the impression that there’s not a single unnecessary second of music. No cosmic, ethnic, occult or ritual traces, just pure and endless solitude. This album reminds me a bit of Kammarheit works as both artists are as far from dark ambient grandiosity as possible, yet often getting pretty close to the isolationist classics. It’s grey and misty with distant melancholic touches like in “Frontiers Of Hope”.

I had some remarks about the previous albums by the project, but they’re completely gone now. I consider “Anthems Of Solitude” as the best Phragments release up to this date by far.

PhragmentsAnthems Of Solitude
Construct.Destroy.Collective, CDC.020
CD/Digital 2020

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