Les Paradisiers – Indian Summer

[Reviewed by stark]

Back in the seventies many people from the so-called “West” have decided to abandon their previous lives and travel to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. Whether they were hippies or lawyers, Americans or Europeans, they felt a hole in their hearts, a hole that no material good is able to fill. So they were searching for contact with nature, but also for like-minded folks in ashrams under the protective wings of gurus. Sometimes more, sometimes less shady (remember Rajneesh?), but it’s a story from some other time, especially that a lot of people has found what they had been looking for.

Obviously Thomas and Demian are too young to remember these times, but their “Indian Summer” brings such visions to my mind. It is music full of heart and joy, but also a mystery of exploring a completely different Eastern world, lifestyle, habits and rituals. And wondering that maybe this is it, this is the path you should follow to reach happiness and fulfillment? Personally I wouldn’t choose this kind of life, but on a certain level I totally understand folks who – let me use a hyperbole – sell all they have, give it to the poor (or kittens) and leave with one backpack to another continent.

Hard to describe “Indian Summer” in just a few words as it’s a peculiar journey somehow close to the psychedelic songwriting of the 70`s yet it is not devoid of elements specific to the mother projects, not only in terms of the characteristic vocal manner of both artists, but also of the melodies, loops and (dis)harmonies we know from O Paradis and Thomas Nola`s bands. So it’s like they took their greatest advantages and used them as a tool to build a foundation of this concept enclosing it later with this charming Eastern touch.

And they do it well. The warmth and honesty of “Indian Summer” is really moving. In the times when actual traveling is so difficult, you can at least find a little bit of comfort in music.

Les Paradisiers – Indian Summer
Wrotycz Records
CD/Digital 2020

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