Throane – Une balle dans le pied

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

As I go along the track a recurrent image from a writing by Joseph de Maistre keeps haunting around: the earth resembling an immense bloody altar upon which everything that lives has to be immolated incessantly until the termination of all that is, until the extermination of evil and death.

Latest EP by Throane grasps at the idea of sabotaging oneself, disclosing in spite of a torturous musical dialect this almost irrational human value of resilience. The melody of this single track marches on diseases and plagues, reveals out executioners and victims, and absorbs the listener into a menacing confrontation with dissonant Black Metal, industrial-doom or heavy-dark ambient juxtapositions all but a terrible metaphor for man’s failure to explain evil and man’s insane braveness in overcome it. Dehn Sora connects his work to his sister, working as nurse and facing physically what an artist knows mentally: his degradation and this feeling is at the same time the proof of his grandeur and misery, to quote again the aforementioned French radical writer.

“Une balle dans le pied” has been released by Debemur Morti, December 2020; this work announces further musical afflictions from Throane, other meditations on murder and virtues inflicted upon us by l’esprit de finesse of this French artist.

ThroaneUne balle dans le pied
Debemur Morti, DMP0193
CD/Digital 2020

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