Kosmovorous – Glorification Sermons

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Never will the works of divinatory Black Metal end as long as religious faith remains part of the human. The heretical expression of inner beliefs in total rejection of institutionalized praying finds various way to come into light and speak the words. Some reach us platonically as a difficult lecture illuminating only a small fragment of understanding and most of the time it is solely an emotional opening that absorbs indiscriminately what it receives.

Kosmovorous makes its debut at I, Voidhanger Records. “Glorification Sermons” obviously shows the elements of fanatical devotion for a virtuous type of composition which corresponds to the (two) members’ vision upon an annoying existence finding meaning only when opposed to the world beyond, one of burning light and punishment. From the point of view of melody, we witness a flawless all-consuming Black Metal translating the projects values and credo. The rhythm follows an interior confession intended perhaps to disclose a certain type of relation to divinity; idiosyncrasies are shared with Funeral Mist, Misþyrming, Deathspell Omega , in a savagely mystical approach to extreme metal, the melody around more than one pitches suggest a temple that accepts the speaking in more tongues.

“Glorification Sermons” stands for an ep to mark a memorable entering of Kosmovorous into the Black Metal scene. Two long tracks “Perilous flesh and the Devouring Light” and “Flagellation Litanies” surface like a gem created after years of intense intellectual pain.

KosmovorousGlorification Sermons
I, Voidhanger Records, IVR142
CD/Digital 2020

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