Jimmy Watt Abarca – Picturesque Ruination

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Mild touches of rumour are overheard upon an exotic flitting which passes over the sound of the melodies. This bitter stream takes the shape of a goddess that watches over you and attempts to lift any ambition still surviving inside. The ruin glitches and hovers on insipid suggestions of comfort for the spirit. As the music gathers strength this shipwreck turns into atonement.

The artist finds pleasure in confusion and bewilderment by means of abstract clings to languid electronic sounds. The melody suffers from inside a ruination of the core such that its idyllic composure collapses bit by bit into unmerciful grey trepid noises that announce a bizarre transformation to idiotic beauty announced as delusional at the beginning.

Mahorka label provides a tape for this two-sided album. In a most admirable manner the booklet and lyrics throw a light upon the plasmatic tunes. The passage from physical format to the sound itself liberates the question of its veracity.

Jimmy Watt Abarca flatters the illustrious art of tricksters to a bearable extent of understanding such that he re-evaluates the speech of dark ambient up to a strange result of the newest consideration. He comes from Santiago de Chile and lands at the airport of the Mahorka label in the shape of a fragile tape which booklet, painted by Jimmy Watt himself, will appeal to introspective natures.

The second half dismounts the rusting of gestures and initiates a smooth aquarelle to pending gentleness of melody, partly nostalgic, partly visionary, the tracks pervades the good stories of cinematic dramas. Alien tackle and bloom slopes of radio carnival make a withered pavement of a mechanic dance-floor cabaret.

This is a picturesque old house full of surreal figures composed of the most intractable noises and stirring every instant our imagination. To this wonderful introspection and booklet I may pose the question in Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf: But to whom does the solitary traveller make reply?

Jimmy Watt AbarcaPicturesque Ruination
Mahorka Records
MC/Digital 2020

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