Twelve Thousand Days – Field’s End

[Reviewed by stark]

Wow, the first song and already a nice surprise. “Planet Caravan”, one of the most lovely hallucinogenic trips in the history of rock music. At first I wasn’t entirely convinced if Martyn Bates’ manner suits this particular composition, but in the end I have to admit they did a good job over here giving an additional touch of exquisiteness to this Black Sabbath classic.

This is not the only cover on the latest Twelve Thousand Days album released by Final Muzik from Italy. I’ve never heard the original versions of the other ones as they’re of British psychedelic/folk artist from the 70s (Bob Pegg, Alasdair Clayre, Vashti Bunyan). I have no knowledge of this music whatsoever and I deeply regret that.

The whole album even though sounding rather modern is referring to the past almost all the time. I’m not sure but I feel like it is subconsciously trying to catch a balance between that psychedelia of love, drugs and flowers, the interstellar travels of the 70s and what came several years later also thanks to Alan Trench’s World Serpent. There are songs where these apocalyptic tentacles sneak in between the gentle sounds of mellotron, like in the phenomenal “More”, I think it is my favorite piece on the album. Or “Wolves Upon The Plain” where peaceful guitar and Martyn’s voice painted upon a bizarre reverbed canvas work in a similar way as, say, “All The World Makes Great Blood” by Current 93.

And it all works, you don’t feel a single wrong note here, after all you wouldn’t expect even a tiny bit of calculation after such experienced musicians who’ve teamed up again and just tried to make some music they personally like to listen to. There’s a laughter, sadness, dreams and longing for something that is a long time gone here. It all blends in the amazing “Black Mountain Side”, to me a true finale of the album, while the last one “Wistman’s Wood” is like an epilogue to this musical journey through the fields of England. Take it with them.

Twelve Thousand Days – Field’s End
FinalMuzik, FM26
CD/Digital 2020

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