Randal Collier-Ford ‎– Advent

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

A silent worship is required to adhere the musical expression of “Beckoning Absurd Shapes”. Saying in the simplest way, the forms of meditation are a struggle against instability of thought, dispersal or variation in mind and shape. But this true manifest of chaos that is our mind can be a mediator to reach ancestral avatars, the origin of an emotion or language. The mentioned track could be inscribed into a haunting depiction of one soul’s journey facing the non-human shapes of the realm of passing. The music exalts savagely spectral colours cut through the lyrical sound of violin and sad nuances.

In the second one, “Eyes of the Temple”, the artist takes us from here to a descent into Hades, preceded by an incubation rite that enacts the power to see the demons. The slow terrific katabasis into this doomed zone suggest the artists (here helped by Northumbria, a special project if you wish to search for) the use of a multidimensional horror sound spectrum. Outstandingly the hearing intercedes for the visual so that senses are blurred and mind gets trapped into a linear maelstrom of suffocating visions. The last song, “The Second Wound”, continues the style of lyrics as if written by Randolph Carter and imagines a further meeting with unearthly creatures. It is said that Cernunnos has an altar under Notre Dame de Paris, so this song may be equally interesting up as you slip through its different shapes and ends with the beating drums that could awake the horned master.

“Advent” was released by Cryo Chamber at the end of 2020 and it collects musical impressions of Randal Collier-Ford who’s wondering in an interview if he is creating music or the backdrop of a film. In any case he is creating something worthy.

Randal Collier-Ford ‎– Advent
Cryo Chamber, CRYO156
CD/LP/Digital 2020

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