Andreas Davids – Isolation

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Hard to find an intelligent and challenging musical speech within the minimalist genres, such as HNW, death-ambient or other cognomens that we should invent anew. Patience and a certain style for not passing by or ignoring the hazardous moment of chance discovery are always rewarded. Of such unexpected value was the meeting with this tape by Andreas Davids.

The external sounds are extremely magnified as recorded by the hearing apparatus of an insect. They do not follow a melodic line, but rather access a state of the mind and recompose thoughts into a massive stream of residues which are afterwards washed away by mild rhythms. This first song “Klinik” might easily trigger a sensation of formication where the repeated reflex you have would be an inability to detach from this sensation as if it were the only chance to feel alive again.

Andreas Davids is a prolific figure form the German industrial underground creating in many genres, mostly known for his Xotox project. However this is where he gives us a glimpse into his private domain of feelings, when he creates under his own name. The second track, “Wald” is 20 minutes long (like the previous one) completing another excellent piece of industrial-ambient; multiple samples and rhythms superpose a glitch cover of dreamy mood. As it advances colours smoothly change and arise spectres of their own fragrance, an electronic savoury of constant beeps and itches come to glue upon this tapestry of pensive voyage which reminds me the mystical electronic project of Mika Vainio, Ø.

My only regret (surely exaggerated here) is that Andreas Davids came late into my musical library and “Isolation” has definitely convince me to unearth his creations. The whole merit goes to this Bulgarian label Mahorka that released “Isolation” on tape as well as another sequence called “7 Jahre von der Gegenwart”, earlier in 2020. As I am sure this label has other special gifts one should search with care.

Andreas DavidsIsolation
Mahorka Records
MC/Digital 2020

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