Anamorph Experimental Music – Echoes Of Oblivion

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

It is likely that underground ambient music revolves now around an attribute of the composer; it stands as a decoration which makes it feeble in effect that it is being rendered upon the listener.

This almost unobserved betrayal makes them both partake in an ambulatory state of shared shallowness. Instead of classic affectation perhaps we search for an irreducible substance in dark ambient music and not the common formulas.

When I delved this Austrian project I knew all of a sudden this is a musical gate to rediscover the splendour of a dreamt language. Purely instinctive and improvisational it may seem, the spectral noise arrangements of Anamorph Experimental Music are a kind of re-enacting for archetypal connections to a world of sound and movement. Any appeal to appetizer rhythm reconverts to decomposition; there is a neutrality of speech that gives an elegant force of expression. This ambiental language is an advent for the literature proffered by Virginia Wolf or Musil, where the presence of man becomes a subversion leading to silence and death. Unfamiliar and miraculous.

Comprising two pieces of less than half an hour, “Echoes of Oblivion” (released on November 2020) invites a further exploration of Anamorph Experimental Music. The project was found in 2019 by LDQ Ysimaro and put several releases on Bandcamp.

Furthermore, we should give a rightful chance to small labels like Gates of Hypnos records from Poland for accepting and promoting unrestrictedly talented projects that otherwise would go almost unnoticed.

Anamorph Experimental MusicEchoes Of Oblivion
Gates Of Hypnos
Digital 2020

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