Akhlys – Melinoë

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

An anecdote of recent times imagines the renaissance neo-platonist and magician Marsilio Ficino in a home-made ritual: he tunes up his lira da braccio and begins whispering the orphic hymn for the Sun; burning incense, he takes once in a while a sips of wine and, perhaps, contemplates a talisman. (D. P. Walker, Spiritual and Demonic Magic). The irony is obvious, nonetheless, scholars agree to the importance these authors had in reviving a tradition which had been lost and obliterated by the church. Equally obvious was that many of these thinkers used the apparent christening of the magic believes only to dissimulate their intention into practicing demonic magic. However literally fascinating it may have been, that epoch is gone, now is the moment for XXI century’s magi, among which Naas Alcameth and his project Akhlys, to bring forth again the ancient demons.

“Melinoë” is a Black Metal output that reaches pinnacles of musical exhaustion, unfolds spectacular sceneries of fire and lava that engulf whatever breaths into a thrilling rage and obscure devotion. The artist maintains an overwhelming tension whether you hear tight rich and orchestral Black Metal or gravelly doomed ambient passages. Each of the five tracks is an oration of grandiose proportion for unknown gods; Naas Alcameth has made himself an ochema, the vehicle used by the soul to descend from the brilliant orbs down to the carnal shell and so he received a liturgy of astral sounds that were forged into these luminous songs. What episode of artistic explosion, furor poeticus by all means!
Melinoë, goddess in the orphic mysteries, connects the dead to the living and acts as a Nemesis Divina for the two realms. But “Who knoweth if to die be but to live, and that called life by mortals be but death?”, as Euripide said. Not just a musical opus Akhlys last offering is most crucially a mimetic process that captures the planetary spirits. But which is the name of the spirit that takes shape in your vicinity only Naas Alcameth may tell, story is that the souls that drink blood regain some part of their conscience. Leave yours behind and prepare to hear this avatar of Orpheus as the French label, Debemur Morti, releases “Melinoë” this December.

Debemur Morti, DMP0194
CD/LP/MC/Digital 2020

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