Shaidar Logoth ‎– Chapter III: The Void God

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The third chapter of a trilogy, “The Void God” took 3 years in the making and it is indeed an interesting gesture in the over-crowded stage of Black Metal. The American duo from Minnesota concocted an album that requires patience and a terrible want for crude experiment, meaning ambiance and improvisation raised up to the rank of composition. Their avant-garde approach is radical whatsoever, blunt and primitive despite a surprisingly good production and mastering of the tracks, evidence for two monstrous tracks, “Nest of Pigs” and “Withered on the Vine”, more than 15 minutes in duration, embracing an atmospheric over-sized extreme metal surpassing yet Wolves In The Throne Room or Karg. “Anguish Cradle” and “Consume Pieces of God” maximize their effort into de-concentrating the listener in more condense and credible composition. Here their Black Metal is savage and torturing tracking back demoniacs like Dark Funeral’s early outputs, and lovingly reminding a possessive French project, Haemoth. They really grasp a particular style within these exhausting uncorrupted diatribes.

After all, these discrepancies only mark different voices of an endeavouring conceptual album difficult to seize form a superficial audition, a record that opens itself and matures like a good wine when left longer in the cellar of the mind.

Shaidar Logoth ‎– Chapter III: The Void God
Sentient Ruin Laboratories, SRUIN106; CAVSAS, CS001
LP/Digital 2020

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