Revulsion – Revulsion

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

What is that substantiates genuine Death Metal emotion? A collapse of the individual who pathetically seeks day-to-day happiness, this break in common existential commodity leads one to death of the self and the subsequent cherished state of ecstasy.

Nonsense, Death Metal takes such spiritual amiabilities in vain, ignites revulsion. In terms of existentialism this musical genre appreciates punching statements and bloody philocaly. Revulsion emerged out of Finland to smear village along the Arctic Circle with cheap vodka and reindeer chops of salami. Whether you are a tourist in the hideous realm of the genre just take a picture as tourists do and hide yourself behind a tree next to one of the beautiful 1000 lakes where one has left over scato- fertiliser for more Finnish death metal inspiration.

Revulsion have wandered the blinding green plains of Finland independently of romantic passions for over ten years and now the Indian label Transcending Obscurity offered them to release the first album. We shouldn’t have been voided of this ego trial such a long time! Revulsion paints a harsh and hostile world where there is no difference between punishment and atonement. Everyone who expects a vicious and contagious unspoiled death metal composition will consider this act as fit to his/hers bellicose purpose. We should rightfully relate to simple death metal phrases that make abstraction from shallow presuppositions and accept their Revulsion.

Transcending Obscurity
CD/Digital 2021

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