Cryptae – Nightmare Traversal

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Cryptae seems to give out their guts to earn a sumptuous authentic approach on Death Metal, but they become frivolous whenever they get it. Their structures are usually overly expressed –streaming Undergang and Portal ferociously- and sincerely grim in countenance. If you still didn’t get it, Cryptae inflates the entrails of the metalhead in earnest by fooling him around in a cauchemaresque realm, they bestow a feeling of ruthless honesty that first confuses and renders the listener as drilled as an overcooked donut, but soon the grip of the music melts the brain into a pastry of twisted reeking earthworm cluster.

“Nightmare Traversal” requires close observation that sometimes might be difficult, due to the usage of cinematic apostrophes; crude colloquial and repugnant Death Metal grows upon dystopian landscapes which are controversially build from death industrial potentialities. They should appeal even to those enthralled by acts like Reverence or The Axis Of Perdition, albeit their carcass reeks the odour of more brutal projects.

Only 30 minutes this journey takes, enough for the eyes to get dried and need to put your teeth down a random throat. The two Dutch members come from a solid underground (members in other extreme projects) and released the record through Sentient Ruin Laboratories (Oakland), label that released their first EP, “Vestigial”.

CryptaeNightmare Traversal
Sentient Ruin Laboratories, SRUIN116
MC/LP/Digital 2020

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