Temple Of Clear Light – The Stars Are Lit Under a Goddess Kiss

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This artist has been gifted with the deiform eye, as Rudolf Otto said it. It is a connection to the living of grace, which few would enact let alone immerse there within. Once upon a time the musical expressions extracts abstract sublimations of mythical figures. And there are still music endeavours reclaiming a tangible substance, conveying realities of a superior order.

On this record, the gates of the Necronomicon open, a sensitive restoration made possible only through the magic of these sounds. As if you have been lost in a river, fished out an eaten by a different being to be reborn as a fisher. Beheritian walling and grieving rituals mesmerise a desired presence.

Would have never been a transition of man’s ego against preservation and individuality, plates had still have been full of sever sacrifices. Temple Of Clear Light opens up eyes and hearts to a dimension so close to viscera and archetypes that a feverish satisfaction takes place upon the audition of these hymns. In terms of meditative ritual ambient “The Stars Are Lit Under a Goddess Kiss” is literally a garden of delight. An echo to a Pythic prophetic obsessed Savonarola announcing the beginning of new temples. The proceedings are sublime analogies with immaterial forces and have the force to disembark anyone of their shell and regain the vicinal embracement of sheer devotion.

It is the 4th output by Temple Of Clear Light, the others have been consumed here, and one may act like Orpheus looking back at his Persephona, because each audition makes one a stone of dreaming comprehensions. By humble exceptions I have chosen this recording for its naked splendour that already manifests upon the next record that has appeared as Hadit: Nuit.

Temple Of Clear Light project may stand as a legend similar to those heroes who stepped alive into the guts of the earth. Whenever the time is right they bring out their souvenirs.

Temple Of Clear LightThe Stars Are Lit Under a Goddess Kiss
CDr/Digital 2020

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