Ô Paradis – Weiter Weg

[Reviewed by stark]

There are a few intriguing aspects related with this latest Ô Paradis offering. Demian seem to have a good relationship with Wrotycz Records from Poland as this is his third release for the label.
Personally I loved the band’s first albums and still feel magic while listening to several “Ensuenos” or “Reinos” fragments. Years were passing and my affair with Ô Paradis was reminiscent of a sinusoid. Or an old marriage with its ups and downs. Some music I liked more, some less, few albums I haven’t even heard. But this new “Weiter Weg” has brought some Summer charm into my sad life once again.

Apart from The Beatles cover, Demian doesn’t sing here. It is one of those curiosities. The vocals are shared between Roz (female parts) and Jota (at first I wanted to mention that he very much sounds like Jurgen Weber from Nový Svět, but I checked the facts and it turned out it actually is Jurgen Weber from Nový Svět). That brings another question: most singing parts are in German, so associating it with more reflective fragments of Nový Svět, or NS/O Paradis collaborations may absolutely be valid.

Because yes, even though Demian exploits his special means of expression, so specific for his project: percussive loops, vintage electronics, slightly surreal or glitched melodies and subtle piano or guitar insertions, “Weiter Weg” is calmer than the other albums. Calmer and more minimal, maybe I’m wrong, but at times I feel I hear a distant recollections of November Novelet and alikes… Along with passing years, there’s less and less youthful passion or naive love in his music, but more wisdom and maybe some… bitterness? “Weiter Weg” sounds like composed by an old man recapitulating his life. Even this Beatles cover, “Strawberry Fields Forever” is like a trip down memory lane, like a reminiscence of how things were when you were young. Colorful and beautiful.

And I buy it. There are fragments which really touch my heart. A very nice gift for the end of Summer.

Ô ParadisWeiter Weg
Wrotycz Records, WRT 033
CD 2020

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