Jaye Jayle – Prisyn

[Reviewed by stark]

A few weeks ago I’ve seen a movie called “Psychopaths”. In general the flick was so-so, but the exceptional thing about it was a truly sublime soundtrack. One of the artists featured was Evan Patterson and his project Jaye Jayle whose previous album I had a pleasure to review some time ago. After the movie I’ve decided to investigate what’s going on with the project and it turned out that Evan Patterson has prepared a completely new offering and its promo has landed in my mailbox a day or two days later. I checked it and… damn, for me it may be the album of the year so far. Actually, there is no more rough Americana blues here, like on the debut release and – partially – on “No Trail And Other Unholy Paths”, as this time he was tempted to veer into regions that he had not yet ventured into.

What dominates on “Prisyn” is electronics. During the live tour, Evan was trying to capture a random sound impressions on GarageBand app on his iPhone. After that he was sending these recordings to Ben Chisholm (White Horse, Chelsea Wolfe), who was processing the material further. And in fact it is in some way raw, primal, with ideas that seem to pop into the musician’s head on emotional impulse as if another glimpse of an eye, a second back or forth, and he would lose it. And at the same time, it is very energetic, with punk vibe I would even say, not necessarily in aesthetics, but in an approach to the sound matter, far from calculation, as if the recording was dictated by instinct. At times you can hear the echoes of post punk or cold wave, sometimes a bit of industrial roughness sneaks in, but most of all it is a bunch of lovely melodies, which – maybe you’ll laugh at me now – may resonate with Nine Inch Nails aura here or there (like in “I Need You” ). Hence yes, I enjoy this a lot and I certify with my own “reputation” that the whole stuff is worth attention.

Jaye JaylePrisyn
Sargent House
CD/LP/Digital 2020

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