Deutsch Nepal – Staring At My Wall

[Reviewed by stark]

Deutsch Nepal, one of the flagships of the Scandinavian post-industrial, has passed through a bunch of catalogues of many recognized labels (including Cold Meat Industry, Old Europa Cafe, Staalplaat). For some time, Peter is publishing the music in his own Entartete Musikk and a few months ago he attacked us with a triple combo consisting of discs with completely new material, memories from the past and a compilation with remixes prepared by buddies from the industry.

The new album is called “Staring At My Wall” and it basically follows the path set by previous albums, allthough I have the impression that the production is a bit more modern. Keeping, of course, all proportions – it’s still music firmly rooted in classic industrial, rusty edges filled with soulless mechanical loops, rhythmic machine drums and … the vocals of Lina, sounding like some mad preacher in a world dominated by automata.

There is no revolution here, maybe we can talk about a slight sonic evolution. One should not expect any violent reversals here, moreover, who would expect this from someone like Lina. Especially that yet again does the trick and we get a piece of great music, which sometimes catches me and makes me gambol around the house like fucking crazy and throwing various objects at the wall (“Butterfly”). In general, the first half of the album is like a prelude, a timid invitation to what is happening from “Butterfly” right up to the finale, the awesome “Let Go And Sleep Away”, which begins with a deceptively cheerful melody just to transform into an apocalyptic euphoria.

Originally, I intended to describe all three releases, which I’ve mentioned at the beginning in one text, but I will divide it into three separate reviews, because this musician simply deserves it. This one is once again some high quality Musikk, Lina brings no disappointment.

Deutsch NepalStaring At My Wall
Entartete Musikk, EM11
CD/Digital 2019

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