Aversio Humanitatis – Behold The Silent Dwellers

[Reviewed by stark]

After three years the Spaniards are back with new material and if you had imagined you would survive the maelstrom of sounds they creeped with, make no mistake. They take no prisoners and with the first few seconds the aural whirlwind will suck you in and take you above the fiery clouds.

Their music is rooted in a classic 90s black metal, but the modern production brings it into another dimension and by “modern” I don’t mean “shiny” or “polished”. This is pretty dense and powerful stuff that sometimes you feel that below the vocals (which make me think of Aldrahn from time to time), guitars and drums there’s another layer, a pulsating abyss which is on the verge of exploding. Sometimes it reminds me of the bands like Lunar Aurora, sometimes a little bit of Aoratos, but in general they push forward in their own way. Yet there’s something mystical in this journey, as above all this aggression there’s an aura of lunacy, an insanity that is brought to you when you see something out of this world, something that cannot be explained scientifically. And your brain is not able to embrace it.

Not a particularily long release, it is less than 40 minutes, but it’s enough. The album’s intensity (which is above average) gives you the impression that you deal with a majestic work, something that other musicians need more length to achieve. And “Behold The Silent Dwellers” is epic yet taut, there’s no unnecessary moment or sound. They even finish the album abruptly as if they wanted to tell you: “we’re done here, there’s nothing more to say”.

And I have no more to say either, except for that it is a tasty piece of black metal you all should get acquainted with.

Aversio HumanitatisBehold The Silent Dwellers
Debemur Morti, DMP0188
CD/LP/Digital 2020

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