Aara – En Ergô Einai

[Reviewed by stark]

It’s this kind of black metal, which may not leave a very persistent mark in my black heart, but is more than pleasant to my ears. It’s the second album of this Swiss duo. The debut was released by Naturmacht Records in 2019.

The acoustic intro of the first song is but a prelude to the well composed guitar maelstrom, which is as intense as melodic and to a certain degree even nostalgic. In the late 90s I was… maybe not a devoted fan, but an admirer of such structures, where melodic riffs were galloping hand in hand with drum blasts, sometimes also keyboards, like on the albums of all these Swedish bands, say, Sacramentum or Mork Gryning. Yet Aara lacks this specific northern feeling (I don’t consider it as a flaw). It’s rather… cold but warm as Sanctum used to sing in one of their songs. It maybe be the question of sound, far better and more professional in Aara’s case. It also has to be said that compositional skills of the Swiss musicians are by the second decade of the XXI century standards, so it is a more sophisticated music than that of these mentioned Scandinavian bands.

Another nice thing about “En Ergô Einai” is that it’s only around 35 minutes. Tedious would be the last word to describe it. It’s condensed, ending at an exact point where it should end, leaving the listener without the feeling of overabundance. And these days when there’s so much music around, it is rather important matter I suppose.

Not a huge fan of the vocals though, reminding of those by Cradle Of Filth fellow (from the splendid ancient times of that band), but less diverse. Ah yes, and the cover by Michael Handt is awesome. He’s a contemporary artist, but the spirit of XIX-century German Romanticism is present in a very elegant way in his works. So in general it is a nice album if you’re into a catchy and melodic black metal and as long as you don’t expect a multilayered structures in the vein of Deathspell Omega. I like both approaches, so I enjoyed it.

AaraEn Ergô Einai
Debemur Morti, DMP0185
CD/LP/Digital 2020

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