God Body Disconnect ‎– The Mist Between Mirrors

[Reviewed by stark]

I switch the radio off. This is it. I did what I had to do, I don’t have to be here tomorrow. Or any day after. I tried to meet people, but I’m not exactly the social type, on the contrary, I never knew how to do that “small talk”, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Being here is a mistake. A joke. I just do a few more notes in my audio diary and… see you later. Or not.

God Body Disconnect has released his third solo album for Cryo Chamber label. It seems to me that “The Mist Between The Mirrors” may be Bruce’s most personal and introspective work up to date. It’s still based on deep bass drones, slow, melancholic melodies, field recordings (often far from cliché) and obviously spoken parts by Bruce Moallem himself, and if you ask me there’s no revolution between the first and the second or the second and the third album. All of his releases are characterized by a steady evolution, yet this third one delivers something extra. I’m far from saying that Dredge Portals” and “Sleeper’s Fate” were suffering from lack of emotions, no sir, but I sense that it is that mist between mirrors where you can find his real soul dwelling. Where he invites you to meet and confront his doubts, his fears and dreams (if there are any). For an introspective person this might be a painful process, I know that really well, but also… to some point purifying and giving the relief. This is how I read God Body’s Disconnect music: as the vent to release his deepest emotions.

There’s no doubt that dark ambient music is not a bad platform to do so, because of its form and essence. Bruce Moallem understands the genre in its core, he knows exactly how to manipulate the atmospheres to catch your heart instead of boring you to death. None of the tracks is unambiguously dark, in each of them you will find that factor proving that there’s a person of a great sensibility responsible for composing and recording them. These fragile moments of beauty can be really touching, like in “The Longer I Dream, The More Disconnected I Become” reminding me of my beloved Polish project, Inner Vision Laboratory. Here and there I feel the Atrium Carceri aura. Sometimes Bruce blends dark ambient with Labradford style post-rock elements which leads me to a Beyond Sensory Experience reference (“The Existence Of Stars”).

Nevertheless, it is his own, deeply personal work. Even though that in the end there are less spoken parts than on the previous God Body Disconnect albums. I have always believed that with music you can express more than with a thousand words and this album is another proof that this opinion is valid.

God Body Disconnect ‎– The Mist Between Mirrors
Cryo Chamber, CRYO 118
CD/Digital 2019

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