Albireon ‎– La Bellezza Di Un Naufragio 1998-2018

[Reviewed by stark]

This won’t be a long and very detailed review. Those of you who know me, are aware that I’m a huge fan who – in this case – lacks objectivity pretty much. As the title suggests, “La Bellezza Di Un Naufragio 1998-2018” is not a brand new album, but a certain crowning of the 20 years of the band. They’ve chosen seventeen most representative songs also these performed with befriended musicians (Tony Wakeford, Francesca Nicoli, Gianni Pedretti among others) and work on them again. So all of them (songs, not musicians) are re-recorded, re-arranged or re-interpreted. It is their choice, the band’s history written by themselves. Each Albireon fan would probably compile such release differently, including me, but is it really that important. If you want to listen to your favourite songs that’s what the original albums are for, aren’t they? And listening to different versions of other Albireon tracks is quite pleasant one way or another.

There’s also one previously unreleased track, it’s “Celebrazione Di Un Oblio” recorded with Mauro Berchi and it’s basically what you could expect after such collaboration. So if you wonder how would a Canaan interpretation of Albireon song sound (or the other way round), listen to this one. Especially that it’s simply beautiful, shame it’s so short.

Apart from that, it’s still that emotional Italian neofolk we love Albireon for. Most of the new versions are at least interesting, so yeah, I guess it is nice to have this compilation in your collection. While waiting for the new album, obviously.

Albireon ‎– La Bellezza Di Un Naufragio 1998-2018
Toten Schwan, TSR 107; Torredei Records, TR 7
CD/Digital 2019

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