Inner Vision Laboratory – Continuum

[Reviewed by stark]

It begins with Alan Watts’ sampled quote, from his “The Sense Of Nonsense” lecture. These words briefly introduce you to the idea of the album, while the titles and the music itself are following it in the most evocative way. I feel this is the album about our vegetation, not existence, but vegetation. Dull, monotonous, with automatically repeated daily actions and movements. Waking up, taking a shit, going to work, getting drunk, having sex, going to sleep. And for what, as our final purpose is withering and eventually death.

Lucky for us, there are people like Karol on this planet, who can forge this not quite optimistic worldview into the music we can in a certain way identify with. As Orson Welles once said: “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone”. I would extend this quote with art. Music in this particular case. “Continuum” makes me think that you are alone, but at the same time you’re not. That there are people who feel alike, who suffer alike, who will die alone, but during this road to the eternal non-being will share these few brief moments of a strange bond with the other folks who are on the same wavelength, so to speak. Even though you listen to the music alone and it’s even better when you listen to it alone. Such a weird paradox of “Continuum” and ambient music in general.

As for the music, it is a straight follow-up to my beloved “Anywhere Out Of This World”. “Continuum” is made of deep drones and textures, melancholic, but strangely warm and soothing. Painting this aural image to the introducing words, but also giving you comfort and the feeling of detaching from this mundane world. The delicate guitars and piano also do their job, some fragments remind me a little bit of the Japanese soundtrack masters, Yamaoka or Hisaishi (“Forsaken”, “Ended”)… In the end, I believe this is his best effort since “Anywhere Out Of This World”, perhaps because this less dark face of Inner Vision Laboratory” simply suits me better. Music to drown in.

Inner Vision LaboratoryContinuum
Zoharum, ZOHAR 180-2
CD/Digital 2019

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