Wet Nurse. ‎– Thanatosis

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Malignant Records has put on trial another album of heavy-electronics, this time from a Canadian project with an intended power-electronics denomination, Wet Nurse. The album offers with great generosity 13 tracks for over an hour of industrial music.

It takes more auditions to get hooked in perspective by the whole album. The author, deliberately or not, changes styles and intensity of tracks with a strange easiness. Maybe they come from a different period of time, or it is just a matter of artistic choice.

The label compared Wet Nurse. with IRM for some of its harsh polished electronics tracks. However, just going through the first half of the record, listeners could recognize some similarities to other Cold Meat Industry bands (Folkstorm or the first Ordo Equilibrio album), the German acts like Ex.Order or even some of Galakthorro label’s outputs. Second half contains even more experimental tracks concocting some sort of depressive and gore industrial mixing Blood Axis, Lifelover and Sutekh Hexen.

“Thanatosis” may appeal to an auditory in search for a mild version of heavy electronics (call it post-, just to soften things up). The album will look good among the newcomers to the genre, but has all the chances to taste a bit bland for the middle–age electronics devotees.

Wet Nurse. ‎– Thanatosis
Malignant Records, TumorCD124
CD/Digital 2019

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