Perpetual Among Us – Thy Will Be Done

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The disc came out in February 2019 under Australis records, a label from the same country as the band, Chile. The label shows a flawless quality and concern about each release.

“Thy Will be Done” hides a mysterious story in four chapters which can be decipher by their titles (Aura, Hunting, The Seduction, The Capture-Amen) and especially throughout the brilliant atmospheric Black Metal equalling the greatest new-coming acts. In an interview the band has revealed that these are the four stages experienced by a serial killer (sic!).

The rather short output (EP) dazzled and enchanted all the way through. Surely there are much greater projects composing in this genre, and yet Perpetual Among Us has this sublime dark fluorescence that only shines out of the aura of strong spirits. In fact, this is their first output, they will find time and inspiration to grow upon their own ruins (the level of musicianship displayed on the record suggests they have played before, thought they choose to remain incognito here).

The album has the visceral feeling of a myth, such is the music powerful and terrifying (reminds Schammasch, Mgła, Ascension, Secrets Of The Moon), pushing limits of brutal melody to that point of catharsis and painting a hallucinatory and strange unearthly atmosphere.

As pointed out, “Thy Will Be Done” describes the life-changing journey of a serial criminal. An incongruous plot contributing another value to the magnetism of the record. Perhaps this contingent down-to-earth subject plus the credibility of a successful record.

Coming out from nowhere, Perpetual Among Us brings forth an amazing album of modern Black Metal of staggering complexity and richness.

Perpetual Among UsThy Will Be Done
Australis Records
CD/Digital 2019

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