[ówt krì] – Ximenes

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

“Ximenes” is released on Bandcamp digitally and on cd-format. The artist behind the project lives in Helsinki and has built a strong career so far both in live apparitions and musical albums. His dark-cinematic music is vivid and natural, like a dream taking form in front of the eyes. He’s focused more on redundance and static atmosphere althoughtthe tracks are built from sounds of electronic and acoustic instruments consistently transformed by loopings, pedals and other gears.

On “Ximenes” the musician took full experimentation in the human voice. Vocals are ever-present under the shape of whispers and other mumblings with a mysterious aura. The disc breaths a monastery ambiance entertained by the latin-written lyrics taken from some religious work. Songs take you away in reclusion and meditation, cutting off vital force and pouring inside a sense of prostration.

“Ximenes” gives a warmth that is both soothing and severe and when these two reactions get mixed you almost feel like getting out of this intoxicated temple.

[ówt krì]Ximenes
CD/Digital 2018

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