Blackdeath ‎– Phantasmhassgorie

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

From mundane asphyxiation comes out a prestige of immanence. Age weakens the devotee to Extreme arts and makes him indulge in a contemptive false understanding. Suffocated by contingence, continency appears as a new credo. Such is a phantasma, instead he remains pristine, to use a cherished high-class word of stupid deference.

Blackdeath kept themselves at bay, in auctorial reclusion, bondage self-addiction to highest form of Black Metal. They have been progressed in terms of execution and maintain the same victim. “Saturn Sector” and “Fucking Fullmoon Foundation” exalted that which is now this foundation of “Phantasmhassmagorie”, a style of music-writing forged out from a surreal matrix, fed upon something shared between two distinct worlds that apparently share similar attributes. One of these attributes (which are linked to categories such as substance, quantity, quality…) imposes as the key-word of the album, Hass which means “hate” in German (it is the adopted artistic language for the russian horde Blacdeath).

“Phantasmhassmagorie” shows an exceptional clarity. The Black Metal exposed here is structured in a certain logic, a propension of a rational expression of something wholly intelligible for the artists. Thus, the force emanated by the tracks: seemingly they say what can be said clearly and undoubtedly. This bareness suits their philosophy.

Their Black Metal is the image of a model of understanding reality, each element of this image is a representantion. Little details stand for much larger arrangements. Hate together with other representations from the same word-family, scorn, fury, hostility, spite or disgust fuels the core of this greater picture composed through “Phantasmhassmagorie”. The three members of this congregation manifest a relatively uncommon expression for their extreme metal; rhythms are chocked off, cutted with sharp knives out of a single movement, guitars move like possessed heavy brushes on a steel canvas, they use music as a form of language, alive and terrific.

“Phantasmhassmagorie” got out at Heidens Hart Productions, where Blackdeath released previously “Phobos” and “Gift”. This final work achieved a prominent degree in Black Metal genre: so major that it seems to be a reflection of the astral light, the magnetic agent which flows in anything alive. To dispose of it, you should comprehend the equilibrium of energies. By absorbing “Phantasmhassmagorie” we may fully experience at least one of these distinctive forces.

Blackdeath ‎– Phantasmhassgorie
Heidens Hart, HH150
CD/MC/LP/Digital 2019

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