Electric Uranus/X-Navi:Et – Voices Of The Cosmos III

[Reviewed by stark]

It took them six years to produce the third installment of Voices Of The Cosmos series. Wojciech Zięba (Electric Uranus) and Rafał Iwański (X-Navi:Et) are joining forces once again to take the listeners somewhere far beyond the stars.

Despite such a long time interval between the second and third part of the series, the album brings no surprises. Their idea of space oriented ambient is still strongly scientific, even academic. Unlike many other artists inspired by cosmic infinity, there’s only a vague cinematic feeling here, there’s no musical storytelling in the vein of Cryo Chamber space albums. No fiction, only science.

Nevertheless I have to say that in my opinion there’s more “music”, in the traditional sense of this word than on their previous releases. Between the authentic space sounds (from radio telescopes and such) intensified by the effects of analog and digital provenance I notice more familiar fragments, bits of atmospheric texture, melody or rhythm, even the references (conscious or not) to the works of other artists, like “Magnetospheric Chorus” reminding me of Predominance’s “Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence” classic album, while the grand finale, “Luna”, pulsates with Klaus Schulze echoes. Or maybe it’s just my impression?

Anyway, if you ask me, these tiny pieces make the music more attractive and accessible for the listener, because I’m quite sure those less patient could feel like listening to the aural counterparts of an astronomy textbook, while they’d prefer to watch a sci-fi movie. I like both approaches and I can say that this third installment is the most mature and ear-friendly at the same time. It is easy to let yourself float with the sounds somewhere towards the celestial spheres. This is cosmos in your home.

Electric Uranus/X-Navi:EtVoices Of The Cosmos III
Beast Of Prey,bop 8.1; Eter, eter 18
CD/Digital 2019

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