Aoratos – Gods Without Name

[Reviewed by stark]

“Gods Without Name” is a debut album of Aoratos, a new project by Kyle Spanswick, a prolific musician from Colorado. The experience gained in such projects like Nightbringer, Akhlys or Bestia Arcana pays off here as this release is an opus of rage and lunacy.

Of course what one notices first are the furious riffs and blasts, but a whole lot of interesting stuff goes on in the background, referring to the atmospheres we usually deal with in Santa Sangre. It shows the musician’s interest in postindustrial, even dark ambient perhaps. Obviously it is nothing new in the black metal genre, but all these components combined with the atavistic energy make me feel like balancing on the verge of sanity. Aoratos is not afraid to bring an element of disharmony here or there, so listening to “Gods Without Name” sometimes is like watching a visually corrupted version of some black and white horror movie. You take it as a whole or return to your comfort zone after three or four tracks.

A thick and dense aura in the sounds is kept until track 7, “Prayer Of Abjection”, which is a purely dark ambient piece of whirling winds and ancient machineries rattling. Along with “Parallax I” and “Parallax II”, they stand for the electronic form of horror on this album and it is not less evocative at all than the rest of the compositions based on the traditional metal instrumentarium. Very interesting debut this album is, making me want for more.

AoratosGods Without Name
Debemur Morti, DMP0173
CD/LP/Digital 2019

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