Nattravnen – Kult of the Raven

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This new born project displays at the feet of the metal fanatic his royal gifts: mystery, devotion and poetry. All have been carefully veiled by the Death/Black metal performed under the darkest auspices of the cult of the raven. Nattravnen shows off a pleasure of telling, and takes time in developing a story, lets itself invaded firstly by the powers of the black, like in that magical night when Mary Shelley wrote Frankestein.

Nattravnen plays ferociously a truculent death metal fed upon a sort of verse and rhythm cadence, sometimes the songs take a sublime material shape, as the music responds to the very essence of the movements in the lyrics (like in “Upon the Sound of Her Wings”). “Kult of the Raven” is being treated like a long time forgotten and now rediscovered grimoire. The two musicians take a great deal of care in crafting each song like the page of a book which can literally revive the creatures here within. This sort of preciosity, found on the very first albums of Cradle of Filth, mark of an ardent romantic side in sombre filiation with Lord Byron’s Manfred (see the song “The Angel of Despair When Coping with Your Death”), confers to “Kult of the Raven” an epic status, a dramatic effect of a genuine consistency and artistic compensation.

Nattravnen is the project of Jonny Peterson, one Swede, playing in more than ten other projects (like Heads For The Dead, Wombbath, helped by Kam Lee, from States, (“original Death and Massacre vocalist”) with vocals and lyrics. They released the album through Transcending Obscurity, and they will be long remembered as those bearing the seeds for the new crop of XXI century death metal.

NattravnenKult of the Raven
Transcending Obscurity Records, TOR 53
CD/LP/Digital 2018

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