Moss Upon The Skull – In Vengeful Reverence

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Another miracle of death-metal experience is making again biological survival possible. Nothing remotely like the reducing valve squeezed at maximum of the brain of common XXI century death-penal. Moss Upon The Skull has unearthed or synthetized some active principle of this outdated genre and they didn’t even have to parasite themselves with the old-school farting rhetoric.

While the poignancy of the chords equal exquisite canvases painted by Carcass, they possess a literate sense of melody versatile and eclectic like first two Tribulation albums. They display an aural malevolence that dictates the progressive aspect of composition, a play upon spatial categories inducing hypnagogic visions which alienate and exhaust the listener or displace the mind and engulf the brain into a sort of unhuman universe similar to the phantasmagorias created by Nocturnus. If that was not enough in the context of consciousness sound modifiers, the speech on “In Vengeful Reverence” resounds a diatribe held out by a cynical warmonger against the duplicity of this world. The curse of Necros Christos last album has attained them! Should Huysmans have never converted to catholicism after writing “A Rebours” and he would have enriched the world with an equally stinging work like this one…

Moss Upon The Skull comes from Belgium, like the aforementioned author, and they have established their Death Metal Commission in Brussels to release this feverous album through I, Voidhanger records, on the auspicious date of 19th October 2018. You should skip greatly even this review and have ears and synapses wide open to “In Vengeful Reverence”.

Moss Upon The SkullIn Vengeful Reverence
I, Voidhanger Records, IVR102
CD/Digital 2018

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