Camecrude – Enclave I

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

It is for the third time that this record is being played out of the speakers in this room, and each time there are new findings of formerly unrevealed lines of melody or unmatched sculpture-shaped noises.

This force and appetite for new tastes and odours that tracks allow to play with is mostly the reward of the courage Camecrude has to endeavour into heterogeneous registers of melody. Dark vaudeville folk of the hurdy-gurdy is followed by raw-noises, domestic power electronics treated disrespectfully (sic!) by comical strata of apparently childish-synths, fashionable sounds that hint at melody disarticulated into dramatic mocking-like ambiances that capture the sense of philosophical suspension into an absurd existence.

The project belongs to a French myth-entrepreneur who lives perhaps somewhere in the Pyrenees mountains, Camecrude is a popular monster in the form of one-leg with an eye in its middle, who takes care to reduce the overpopulation in that area… This “Enclave I” suffers the influence of the childhood dreaming existence yet unspoiled by the adult society and its filthy self-deceit. As consequence, “Enclave I” needs a violent purgatory venom which is found in the thinking of Emil Cioran, whose writings act like a sort of vacuum that weeps out the hypocritical solutions society infringed to grow up us as devoted men to the ideal of community.

The tracks on “Enclave I” are irremediably recognizable for a habitual listener of hard electronics. In fact, how they are constructed is surprisingly authentic and, to put it bluntly, they hook you on when least expected. From Genocide Organ, Anenzephalia, back to the Cold Meat’s Sanctum or NOD and linked to modern trouvers Rosa Crux, this French project seems to have concocted a black magic music recipe that has a captatio benevolantie meant to titillate fans from disparate electronic or dark-goth scenes. It will surely grow together with their label Cioran records, that has released so far acts by no means any less worthy than renewed labels like Tesco or Cold Spring.

Camecrude – Enclave I
Cioran Records,
MC/Digital 2018

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