Ulver – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

[Reviewed by stark]

This new chapter of Garm and his buddies’ musical adventure, doesn’t bring any revolution, but it’s rather a complementation to the critically acclaimed “The Assassination Of Julius Caesar”. Originally the band released three new tracks in a digital format on their Bandcamp and several months later their current home label, House Of Mythology realized that it could be a pretty fancy addition to their roster – which is a legitimate way of thinking as recently Ulver is like that mythical king Midas, they turn into gold everything they touch – so they added few live recordings and voila. You have a brand new vinyl to put on your shelf.

These “sad remains from the Caesarean banquet” as they prefer to call them, apparently are not the outtakes from the last album, but rather the songs they didn’t make on time to include them on “The Assassination…”. So obviously you can say they worked on them in the same time period as they’re equally enjoyable as the songs from the full album and they catch your attention from the very first listen. Same style, referring to the times when the pop artists were trying – consciously or not – to bring this metaphysical element somewhere in their tunes. And all bathes in wolfen aura, they still have it.

Apart from the two original tracks, there’s also a cover of the track you all simply have to know if you’re, say, 30+. It’s “The Power Of Love”, fortunately not the one by Jennifer Rush, but that cooler piece, by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Ulver brought a more spacious sound and even more pathos (in the good meaning of that word) to the 1984 classic.

So along with four live songs this is the must-have for all the fans of the Wolves. It’s not a prologue of a new adventure, more like additional content to their last endeavor, nevertheless it’s still extremely pleasurable.

UlverSic Transit Gloria Mundi
House Of Mythology, HOM 012
12″EP/CD/Digital 2018

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