Phil Western 1971 – 2019

[Peter Marks]

Word has just reached us that man of myriad projects Phil Western has died. A prolific solo artist under his own name, Phil (aka Philth here and there) first appeared for most on the Coordinate 01 compilation put out back in 1993 by Germany’s Dossier records. For the lucky few paying attention he also took up one side of a split 12” with Skinny Puppy’s Dwayne Goettel that same year. This collaboration would continue until Goettel’s own death in 1995 from an overdose.

As time went on, Western established himself as a unique voice within the musical underground often times appearing under a variety of names within the same year. We covered him here numerous times and always came away with the sense that he was holding nothing back; many were the hours spent attempting to unravel his designs.

He was 47.

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