Worgor – Invidious

[Reviewed by stark]

Haven’t heard about this project. It’s a one man endeavour from Melbourne, Australia and this is his fourth EP – all of these were released in digital format on his Bandcamp.

It’s not a very long release, in total it’s just a little over 20 minutes, but within this limited amount of time the musician is nicely building the almost cinematic tension and suspense. Obviously he does it with black industrial/power electronics means of expression in the vein of first, say, three Mz.412 albums.

Each consecutive composition is louder and more oppressive than the previous one. The opening “Abyss” treats the noisier layers in a more subdued way bringing the atmospheric synths on the forefront, while the grand finale, “Permafrost” is a violent, multi-layered PE/noise attack with a subtle (yeah, I’m aware this word is a rather an uninvited guest here) black metal references. When you put “Abyss” and “Permafrost” next to each other you can be a bit shocked, though there are two other pieces in the middle, “Flood” and “Legion”, are building a connection between the first and the last; both like another dantesque circles of hell. “Flood” has these slow rhythmic sequences heralding the marching legions of the next track crushing everything on its way.

This music is pretty enjoyable for the fan of electronic inferno, but obviously that reference to the Swedish masters of black industrial should work more like a stimulus for the Australian musician, because for this moment it is not the same level yet. The Swedes’ music has more flow and at the same time the evil forged in their sound is still much more evocative. But who knows what will future bring. Worgor has a lot of potential and musical imagination, so maybe one day…

Digital 2018

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