Murcof – Lost In Time

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Maybe I am not the only one having ignored this essential project in the dark ambient field by now. Everyone like me can fix this unforgivable mistake by listening to the albums Murcof posted on his Bandcamp page, which are mostly long sold out, “Martes”, the “Utopia” EP, “The Versailles Sessions” commissioned for the festival Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes, “Cosmos”, all are but great examples of epic slow narrative and cinematic intimate ambient. Partly autobiographical, like his “Remembranza” album, partly with artistic references like this new “Lost in Time”, which is the soundtrack of a movie, like the album “La Sangre Illuminada”, soundtrack for a Ivan Duenas film, the discography of Murcof is only a part of the impressive career of the artist behind this project, Fernando Corona.

Glacial Movements, the label from Rome, has been carefully chosen for us solely exquisite recordings of absolute authenticity, which I invite you to discover on their Bandcamp page and to grab those wonderful physical releases.

The art of Murcof is destined to solitude and the crushing and all-empowering emptiness that desert creates. “Lost in Time” accompanies the film with the same title directed by Patrick Bernatchez, an art movie, and the Goldberg Variations sung by the Petits Chanteurs du Mort-Royal. More than a soundtrack, “Lost in Time” is at the same time a vision upon the world and a personal creation, probably in some kind of rivalry with the divine that has limited us in time.

The fluidity of time is replaced by the concentration of music. Its density and shiftiness can cheat on time’s linearity and get us out; alas in this journey we feel lost. Perhaps Murcof has deliberately chosen this renowned example of classic variation, written by Bach for harpsichord and played a capella here by the mentioned choir, because of the multiple shapes it can take and the images it can inspire. Sometimes the outcome is quite visionary, eschatological, suggesting William Blake’s symbolism in his semi-mythological poems, on the contrary some other times the musical text becomes pastoral, filled with smooth nuances. Certainly, the melody moves along with the images in the movie, however “Lost in Time” can be listen separately, pondering upon the illusions created by time. The record achieves a great power of fascination after several auditions, is not an-easy listening, comforting and relaxing, on the contrary, it becomes more demanding and captivating with each other play.

In the end, “Lost in Time” is spectacular and unique, its blend of monastic choirs and dark ambient, reminding of Lustmord, Arvo Part or Elend alike, together with this sense of wordless expressionist poetry are making out an extraordinary listening experience.

MurcofLost In Time
Glacial Movements, GM 035
CD/Digital 2018

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