Lifelost – Dialogues From Beyond

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

It is getting off to a bad start if one still looks to find authenticity in Black Metal. Every single album in this genre should allow you to get close and personal with a band. Not by miserable compassion or lack of objectivity one should indulge in scratching the surface of an extreme metal album; or to soothe a cruel truth, like lack of serious thought or purpose, failure. This is a miscreant’s galimatias, the bellow of a shirker who opens up just at the waffle of a swellhead ham.

Phlegeton has been involved in some ferocious Spanish endeavours, he did vocals and samples for Wormed, that in 2016 has released “Krighsu”, the sole legitimate child of Infernal Torment’s “Man’s True Nature” (!) and vocals on Human Mincer, the Spanish globe-trotter deathers, usurpers of Avulsed. He’s also a member of another Black Metal band, Wrong, which I will listen too when I get sober again…

Lifelost is his solo project, an expression of his individual patterns as they take configuration on this “Dialogues From Beyond” record released by Transcending Obscurity in an impressive cd-box format designed by Phlegeton himself. Musically-wise the production is massive, a crushing overflow sharply entrusted deep inside the stomach of the listener. Fuelled by a speed of vernacular demonic impending doom, these 5 tracks of over 23 minutes keep everyone’s pathetic soul on the brink of running away and save the least of their remaining sane brain.

Phlegeton inclines towards recently coming acts like Svartidauði or Mgła, picking his chords as if tearing the ropes that helped him to tie up his cut open wrists. Much of the orchestrations remind the apparatus of death metal bands, epigones of Bolt Thrower, though he brings out visible variation and dissonant melody on the last two tracks. It feels in an obvious manner the debut air, the demon is yet in the bud, waiting that something rekindles the flame of his full inspiration. The shape of things to come for Lifelost is undeniably outstanding.

LifelostDialogues From Beyond
Transcending Obscurity Records, TOR 49
CD/Digital 2018

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