A Storm Of Light – Anthroscene

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Nice style, very friendly, like a Megadeth sung for the sludge-rock fans. Let alone the simple-minded joint-speak-about, “Anthroscene” magnetizes from the first tune, once it starts, you drool over every each song and what seemed like a walk in the park at first glance, another making a racket, turns into a tingling craving for more.

This vividness expressed in the ways of Tiamat, holding breath to inspire that timeless cold exhaling of prosperous nihilism, reveal music and lyrical scenes that trigger the moment of clarity. “Anthroscene” is an user manual to untangle the consumerism threads of this modern life. The record tackles matters from a natural unembellished perspective, dismantles these marshes of thinking like lazing around in a state of updated Diogenes. The anti-philosophy here takes its resorts from a different background though, all the more cynic like the ancient world Diogene lived, but violent and eschatological, seeded from “The Purge” series and “The Stand” novel by Stephen King.

Most of us accustomed with the sludge industrial-hinted doom shall be enthralled by the enrichment the sound of “Anthroscene” displays. An extraordinary sense of colour, all the more unique on the background of this pessimist view, a bewildering orchestration of abundant planes and textures, multi-rhythms as if they would be playing a symphony by America’s cherished composer Charles Ives. Yes, they should be granted the Pulitzer Prize for Music, if there were a category for underground, nevertheless A Storm Of Light shines out even more on concept and lyrical context, vigour and manliness in a Hemingway style and that sort of Jack Kerouac taste for breaking all the chains. The tunes, they all have an individual charm, a way to get you into each melody and raise you up these meaningless things polluting an already robbed reality. “Anthroscene” sounds like a poetry book, the album hints and suggests things everyone cares and everyone is hurt about and at the same time it makes you dream and open yourself to unexpected perspectives.

A Storm Of LightAnthroscene
Translation Loss, TL139-1 / ConSouling Sounds, SOUL0112
CD/LP/Digital 2018

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