Darkness On Demand – Post Stone Age Technology

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

We have a very interesting album to contend with here, 3/4 of Dance or Die operating under a new name somehow managing to not sound like it; this is my first time hearing Wagner away from A.N.G.O., I suspect it will be for quite a few others but it is no disappointment. On the contrary, after whatever ‘Nostradamnation’ was supposed to be this is a revitalized offering. It’s dark as hell and also the most accessible electronic work I’ve heard this year.

All the bombast the parent project is so known and loved for is present on ‘Post Stone Age Technology’, where it differs is in the rough feel these tracks have. That signature pristine detailing is not to be found which gives this record a distinctive appeal; they have The Voice in any case which hasn’t sounded this determined in many a moon. Indeed, there’s a hunger and drive powering Darkness on Demand you wouldn’t expect out of such seasoned veterans. Wagner’s words are right on point, “Back to Psychoburbia” finds him leaving useless hipsters and gentrification behind.

“Back to nature and forest, suburbia is my friend.”

Aside from this he references some classic tracks he’s been involved with, most tellingly “After Dinner Spark” from Dance or Die’s first album ‘3001’ which came out way back in 1991. Have no illusions, this record was made for the fans; “Body Bleed” is a fantastic EBM workout which relentlessly pummels your psyche with non-stop beats, splendid atmospheres and downright scintillating vocoder work. According to their website they’ve already got another full length in the can; this feverish pace of creativity clearly demonstrates that they were not about to spend another decade waiting around and decided to just go for it.

“Dark Dreams” alone is worth investigating them for with it’s heady mix of choral and classical elements while the following tune “Chain Reaction” reveals their motivation in birthing this new entity. For such a move to be made after all this time is brave and I’m in awe they chose to go this route; they haven’t even existed a year and have already carved out a sound completely their own, I don’t know of anyone else operating at this level.

Want more? There are remixes galore and a total of six additional songs which did not make the cut spread across two digital-only EPs that preceded this, off you go.

Darkness On DemandPost Stone Age Technology
RepoRecords, REPO 041
CD 2018

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