Frozen Rabbit – Real Lower Limit

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

I don’t know what it is but whenever Phil Western and Tim Hill team up the results are just mind-blowing. You can trace this chemistry back to 2001’s sublime ‘Dark Features’ and though Frozen Rabbit releases infrequently it is potent. So potent that its taken me the better part of two years to analyze and come to any sort of conclusions regarding their latest; this one finds them in absolute mastery of both the equipment they use and the environment their music creates. Have no doubt, you won’t play this through and find yourself wondering when it ends because it doesn’t.

Not even after the last second has ticked off, you see, their style of ambient isn’t one that is just listened to… it is felt. Through every muscle, every tendon, every nerve, every cell. Somehow Frozen Rabbit over the course of this two hour-plus opus overrun that boundary of space which lies between one’s speakers and their consciousness. It’s a region of empty air most don’t bother trying to investigate but this duo has. What appear to be simple drones are in fact a language you must relinquish control of your waking routine to understand; this is not an encouragement to abandon critical thought but rather a request to set aside those nagging concerns which plague us day in and day out.

Whenever the world becomes just too much to stand or when I find myself becoming angrier and angrier over matters that are inconsequential, I’ll usually draw up a nice scalding bath. ‘Real Lower Limit’ is now another option, especially when you can meander through space and time courtesy of “Raw Opium” and “Dead Rabbit”. Now there may be a theme to this record but at this point, I have given up trying to work it out; there are literally entries on here entitled “Drift” and “Mind Going” should you require further convincing. For me, their continual exploration of just how much atmosphere can be crammed into a track is enough.

If you’re wanting a more literal description of what it is they do, allow me.

Have you ever stood at the foot of a waterfall and felt the mist washing over you? Has it ever become so voluminous that you can no longer see anything and when there is a break do you notice how the rocks, trees and plant life have reacted to it? ‘Real Lower Limit’ produces the same effect on one’s mind: a drenching yet exhilarating cascade of resonating frequencies which allows those who are attuned to move outside their self-imposed parameters though a surrealist’s paradise.

Frozen RabbitReal Lower Limit
Digital 2016

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