Alien Sex Fiend – Possessed

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

All those years ago they penned a tuned named “Get Into It” and here I am thirty two years later still into what they do. “Oh my God, what is going on?” Nik Fiend once asked, allow me to with regard to ‘Possessed’. I don’t even count how many albums they have anymore but I’ll let you in on a little secret: even if not all of them appeal to me, they always get my respect because Alien Sex Fiend don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks; they’re going to do what they want precisely how they want for as long as they want. That we don’t get a constant stream of new material out of them anymore doesn’t perturb me in the least, especially if an eight year wait is required for a monster such as this record to emerge.

Initially I balked, as people often do when they need reminding of what is good for them. You can draw a few parallels to their glorious 1985 outing ‘Maximum Security’ because their latest is just as strange but then you come across the epic “It’s In My Blood” and all bets are off. Unlike the directness this one’s distant cousin “Manic Depression” featured there are four movements to let run alongside your platelets with the final payoff being one of The Fiends finest moments. “Amnesia” references going to the doctor’s office, a certain Dr. Hoffmann in this case but make no mistake…

Doc Milton’s loss was a blow but if you’d ever wondered how diverse his playing could get, this release is not only a fine eulogy to him it doubles as the best showcase of his abilities you could ask for. I got to see him alongside Nik, The Missus and Rat in 1992 on the Open Head Surgery tour and still regard that one show as the best I’ve ever seen; for over three hours they tore up the stage with panache, polish, a garbage bin labelled ‘feed the fiends’ and one massive inflatable banana.

It’d be an understatement to say we didn’t ever want it to end.

I feel the same about what they’ve put out here, it has all the diversity one could want in terms of music but Nik’s words are the true treat. “I gotta get back to rock ’n’ roll”, when did you ever leave it. “Invisible” taunts that “you can’t see me, you can’t see me” but that’s an Impossible Mission, my friend, you’d stand out regardless of what the background was and I’ll happily extend this to the rest of the band. Throughout the decades, Alien Sex Fiend have given voice to the regions of mind we’ve continually been told to ignore, they are that spanner in the workings of the machine.

My vinyl copy of ‘Possessed’ is still en route somewhere over the Atlantic (it contains five more exclusive mixes unavailable anywhere else) so this review is not the true full-cut as they say; I simply could not keep quiet about ‘Possessed’ any longer and while I’m at it let me just say that I absolutely loved ‘Nocturnal Emissions’. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go loosen that tie and Stuff The Turkey.

Alien Sex FiendPossessed
Cherry Red Records, CDBRED 732/BREDD732
CD/LP 2018

One response to “Alien Sex Fiend – Possessed

  1. RIP Doc Milton. Glad to know he had a part in this before his passing. What a welcome comeback after Death Trip! Go ASF!

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