Sphäre Sechs ‎– Particle Void

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The music that is being exposed here with much sought of discretion and a gentleness of an asexual attire; these vaporous configurations in such a marvellous way disguised that only seem to resound notes and rhythms, these melodies conceiving a life unknown or invisible to the senses we are used to.

Architecturally, as a perspective that can draw intelligible reactions from the mind, these melodies are bulks of evanescent sounds, bubbles raising in a thick air and splashing there into shapes of intriguing phantasms, mere prolongations of the retina against a parlour spectre of too many possibilities. Every song may trigger some sort of transformation, a psychological mimicry of an alien psyche intended to interweave human stimuli to beauty with the jigsaw reactions of other forms of life confronted with the same bizarreness of the space. It is no longer a ludicrous spiritual exercise or a favouritism decanted to dark ambient masterpieces loose adaptations, “Particle Void” is the splendour of a dreamt language.

Sphäre Sechs is the project v\by Martin Stürtzer (Phelios) and Christian Stritzel (playing on theremin), “Particle Void” has been released by Cryo Chamber in the middle of 2018. Regardless of what label may put on their style (with predilection towards space ambient), “Particle Void” marks a standpoint of the genre, is a rapt from conformism and even more, a gem ranged among other timeless creations of dark ambient.

Sphäre Sechs ‎– Particle Void
Cryo Chamber, CRYO 093
CD/Digital 2018

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