Seetyca – Winterlicht

[Reviewed by stark]

Reviewing Seetyca albums is always difficult, as it is an example of atmospheric ambient based on drones, slow melodies and reverbs, often stretched to the limit of what the CD can hold. And it’s the same case with “Winterlicht”, because I’ve listened to it several times and believe me, it is an absolutely beautiful record, possibly the best thing I’ve heard from Seetyca, but basically it contains the same form, style and sound as on the previous albums.

Not exactly the same of course, there are atmospheric differences depending on the context and idea of this or that album. This is Winterlicht, Winter Light in English, not only a salute to the label which released it, I assume, but also the signpost of what you should “see” with your inner eye. What I see is the sunny but freezing morning somewhere behind the polar circle. So yes, it is parallel to what the musician wants to tell me. Lush synth pads are like a glowing carpet of snow, spreading beyond the line of the horizon. Slow melodies are like sun reflections on the icy bergs. They recall the echoes of the classics, Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream (“Eyne Leutende Nacht”), but also the American masters like Robert Rich, which, as far as I remember, I always mention on the occasion of Seetyca reviews. The omnipresent sound of wind and water takes you there, up to the North. Of course a significant handful of effects (provided by a bunch of guests, it needs to be said) are scattered across these almost eighty minutes, but all of these are fit in the ground sounds very gently, so the flow of music isn’t affected by any awkward sound at any point. Maybe the color of the last three compositions is a little bit brighter, turning in a Biosphere direction, from the “Substrata” era, especially in “Dreaming Of Snow” miniature.

I am playing this album again, right now. I feel soothed and comforted. The tranquility of this album works really well if you want to lay down and rest. Don’t know what else I could write. It’s just another album by Seetyca – if you’re the deep drone ambient enthusiast, shouldn’t it be enough recommendation?

Winter-Light, WIN 011
CD/Digital 2018

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