Necromishka – The Space Between Us

[Reviewed by stark]

The first encounter basically forces an impression that this one will be based on contrasts. One half of this duo is known from power electronics/noise outbursts, while the other prefers the more delicate and melodic side of things. One is male, the other, well, female. Even the
name of the band. I have no idea what Necromishka might be, but, “necro” brings the obvious  connection with the black or death metal, while “mishka” is like a name taken from a Russian folk story – unless it is diminutive form of the name “Michael” and Michael Zolotov from Kadaver is one of the members of this endeavour. Yes, I think I just solved this riddle… Michael is joined here by his wife, the singer and guitarist Tamar Singer whom you may remember from Cruel Wonders and Zeresh.

My intuition hasn’t deceive me. It is based on contrasts, indeed. The sole guitar weeping drones themselves create the noise, but also make you feel dreamy and nostalgic. You start to realize that there’s some sort of distant tragedy behind the sounds. To be honest such an attitude aligns with my understanding of music. It may sound pretentious and cliche, but for me, music simpily has to be multidimentional and trigger different emotions through different forms of expression. Soothe through noise, make you feel uncomfortable through calm and atmospheric sequences. Sometimes, Michael and Tamar braid the acoustic sequences into their music, but not exactly in the way you’d expect. For example, the sixth track, though subtle and beautiful, is pulsating with some hidden anger and growing bitterness.

It’s beautiful, but not easy to dig. They challenge you, but offer a beautiful and emotional reward. Don’t disappoint them.

NecromishkaThe Space Between Us
999 Cuts, CUT 02
CDr/Digital 2018

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