Luca Sigurtà – West Of Eden

[Reviewed by stark]

This gentleman is no newcomer. Since the early 2000s, he has been involved in various electronic projects, alone or with other musicians. As far as I’m concerned he’s also a life partner of Alice from She Spread Sorrow. Thus, apparently experimental music is present in his life 24 hours a day.

His “West Of Eden” album was released by Shimmering Moods from Netherlands. The label often brings atmospheric, but daring albums, which are more than just pleasant soundscapes to play in the background. Personally, I’m a big fan of theirs and regret that I have no time to cover all the music they release. But, if you read this and don’t know this label yet, check their whole catalogue – you’ll find more than enough inspiring aural journeys there.

But this first track, “Cambria”, I didn’t find very interesting. Just a slow, but somehow disturbing soundscape like many others on the market. The goodies begin with “Artesia”, where crawling rhythm along with atmospheric drones make it the true opening of the album, heralding a mysterious trip through the Roman catacombs. The third track, “La Habra” combines trip-hop rhythmics and weeping melodies with a distant Orient feeling. Seriously, I thought that at some point the mumbling Massive Attack-like vocal will appear out of the blue.

Walking through  the sewers, feeling slimy tentacles twining around your legs – the horror cinematic aura of “Cobalt” makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable. An interdimensional jump from horror to postapocalyptic science fiction is made with “Cobalt”. Intense drone and cadent metallic rattling remind of some abandoned junkyard and scavengers looking for anything useful in this dying world.

The final composition, “Halloran” with its improvised surrealism may recall the avant-garde projects in the vein of Column One – Luca’s spectrum of inspirations is certainly very wide. As a whole, “West Of Eden” is a work of an experienced musician, who isn’t afraid to blend different ideas in the sauce of rather raw and primal sound. Worth checking out.

Luca SigurtàWest Of Eden
Shimmering Moods Records
CDr/Digital 2018

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