Out Out – Or

[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Either/or. An expression few of us think about and even fewer use. This dangling combination’s latter half has had an album now fashioned out of it. Imagine if you will a sort of music which combines a particle accelerator and the gold extraction process and you’ll be in the correct region of artistry to explain Out Out’s companion record to the more accessible and finalized ‘Deepsound’. Oh you want more explanation, do you? Fine.

We have on our hands the first of what I’m going to term particle electronics; there are no melodies in this arena nor are your ears going to encounter any words, don’t let your ears off the hook… play this one on repeat, play it around people who hate experimental as a whole. The more they squirm, the louder they complain the more gain you give them. Imagine if you will an entire long-form collection that has all the warmth of an electron microscope passing overhead scanning ceaselessly for any kind of imperfection.

Now envision what that would sound like.

Another way to come at this beauty is to go deep down into the mines and blast out ton after ton of rock just to get at the 1 or 2 ounces of precious metal deeply embedded therein. You then would have to pulverize this raw material down a fine enough consistency to chemically flush out the treasure it contains. The amount of effort which Mr. Miller has expended to reach his goal is near olympic and keep in mind he made these auditory confections first; tempting as it may be to view “-or-“ as a remix album it just isn’t so.

Leave it to him to come at the whole process from a reverse engineering point of origin. Anyone else would do the finished product first but this guy opted to give us all a lesson in what the oft-used term re-purposing truly means. I’m not over-stating it when I say these are his most extreme recordings yet, ‘Asteroid 99’ is a walk in the park by comparison and no amount of remixing can push what is contained on here any further; I thought I’d made a mistake listening to this one first when they appeared in the inbox but being able to hear how far afield he’s willing to go is a major coup.

Out Out – Or
Radio Valkyrie Records
2CD/Digital 2018

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