Imperialist – Cipher

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Imperialist’s output style goes back in time and gives rebirth to a musical expression of ecstatic accuracy; the music opens up to infinity, it is built around a tonality of the purest texture, a sought of transcendence in approach to composition and arrangements that makes this album a splendour in its own. The record is released by Transcending Obscurity Records.

The middle of this opus heralds a track called “Splendour Beneath an Ancient Perma”, allegedly a standmark of the whole, an exercise in flawless melodic Black Metal that can be read as an infallible regeneration of this fallen in anonymity extreme territory. By extrapolation, such a coronation of quality and providential musical writing, stands out as a direct atemporal link to this masterpiece by Dawn, that is “Slaughtersun”.

Digging virtuously with a hope to seize the core of “Cipher”, one can see himself trapped inside a dialectical refuge of good and evil that is solved out through a subtle trick. The album has been conceived as a pompous picture of realms others than Earth, thus commuting the ethics matters to alien structures of thought or planets, a true pandemonium theory (as depicted once under this title by the Italians from Urshurark).

“Cipher” tastes no less than an ambrosia poured on the ears of the Black Metal mortals by authors far beyond this earth. As with the now defunct Finnish Alghazanth, the Americans from Imperialist belong to the aestheticians, the dandy class that must always yearn for the sublime, who must sleep before a mirror (Baudelaire once said that). Imperialist are asleep before the cosmic mirror and paint their visions under this remarkable “Cipher” album.

Transcending Obscurity Records, TOR 48
CD/LP/Digital 2018

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